What Shoes To Wear With Suits? (Super Guide 2020)

One of the most common confusion a man faces is what shoes to wear with suits. The confusion is more about the color of the shoes than the type of shoes. You can choose the type of shoes based on the occasion and the type of attire you are wearing. However, pairing the color of the shoes and outfit (suits or trousers) is a tricky task. Your choice can make a great fashion statement or spoil it to be a styling blunder.

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In this post we will tell you how should you pair your attire with your shoes. At the end of this post, you will be in a better position to decide what shoes to wear with suits.

Black Suit

Black Shoes: Simply follow a traditional rule of pairing black shoes with your black suit. They look effortlessly elegant and are the most obvious choice.

Go for a pair of Oxfords as they are the best bet in case of a formal event. A Whole Cut Oxford will not only look amazing but also add an elegance to your personality.

what shoes to wear with shoes

For a more casual event, you can choose Derbies, Wing-Tip Brogues, Monk Straps, or even a Chelsea Boots.

Brown Suit

Brown Shoes: Brown suits go with the most ‘brown’ shoes. You should only take care that the shades are different. If both browns are the same then the whole thing will not look good. Therefore, make sure that the shoes you choose to wear with brown suit/trousers are different in shade. Anything from dark chocolate, tan to light brown, and khaki can be considered.

Slight variation in shade creates a blended look and is great for formal meetings. For less formal events, mix up the shades, from dark to light khaki. Lace-up boots, Oxfords, and brogues are the ideal choices for this interesting outfit.

Navy Blue Suit

Black, Brown & Burgundy Shoes: Unlike the Black and Brown suits, Navy Blue suit goes well with several colors. You can choose from black, any complimenting shades of brown or even burgundy.

The mixture of rich, red and brown tones in burgundy shoes pairs perfectly with the deep blue of a navy suit. This combination has a classic and contemporary feel.

Shoes To Wear With Suits

Tan/Beige/Cream Suit

Tan, Beige, Cream, and such light colors are a popular choice for summers. In India, summers bring along the wedding season and such light colors are the best choices. However, finding the right shoes to wear with suits and trousers of such colors is a tricky part. We advise you to go for light shoes to maintain this light and breezy appearance.

Light Brown Shoes: Light brown shoes are an excellent option for beige or cream suits. It’s an ideal look for summer, but classic enough for formal functions. Light brown will always be a winning choice.

White Shoes: Pair your light outfits with white shoes in case of semi-formal and casual occasions. This will be a refreshing change and a great choice for summers too.

Grey Suit

Because it’s cool, grey teams best with warm, rich colors that pop, with both
lighter and darker shades of grey.

Black Shoes: A smarter option, black shoes with a grey suit look
understated and elegant.
Brown & Burgundy Shoes: This contrasting option adds
‘edge’ to the stylish look. Stick to the sharp and uncomplicated shoe styles like Oxfords for formal appearance. If your outfit is dark grey, go for darker tones which will balance the dark shade of grey.

Shoes To Wear With Suits

We have covered the most common colors and suggested the shoes to wear with suits and trousers in those colors. However, if you want specific suggestions for any particular color or type of shoes, you can write it in the comment box below.

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