Should You Give Shoes As A Gift? 6 Point Guide

Shoes as a gift, in many cultures, are considered bad luck. It is believed to be a bad omen of sending people away. But the question is, does giving shoes as a gift really bring bad luck? or is it just a superstition like how it is with giving a watch or a sharp object as a gift?

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Many superstitions arose from cultural practices or based on the importance of a particular thing. For example, salt was precious for preserving food before there were refrigerators, so when salt was spilled it was considered bad luck. Safety reasons also led some practices to be imposed without actually sharing the logic behind them. Some superstitions came into being only because of people taking offense. For example, if you’ve got a guest, and you hand them a pair of shoes, they might imply from this that you want them to leave.

All such superstitions are based on some or the other idea and there are no scientific proofs for them. Therefore, giving shoes as a gift is a great idea if you forget superstitions. Still, if you have some concerns, you can simply take a rupee in return while you give the shoes as a present. This will convert this act into a sale. You see! we Indians can have jugaad for everything.

Shoes As A Gift: A Great Idea

1. Practical

The first and foremost reason why a pair of shoes is a great gifting idea is the practicality behind it. You can choose to have other items but shoes are something which a person will use. Many other things like decorative items, mugs, etc. will end up somewhere else after a few months while the shoes will still be used.

2. Another Option

Finding gifts for men is really a tricky task. Mainly because you have very limited choices. Clothes? ahh, very common. Watches and Perfumes? Though both of them also carry the same superstition, they are risky options if you don’t know the choice of the receiver. However, a versatile pair of shoes will always be liked.

3. Never Enough

Though men’s love for shoes is not much known to all but the fact is that men love shoes. Almost every man would want to have different types of shoes in his collection. In fact, no one will mind having multiple colors and variants of the same types of shoes (Sneakers, Dress Shoes, etc.). It will only present him with more choices to wear. So while you always have a likelihood of giving something a man already has, shoes are never enough and one more pair will always be welcome.

4. Pocket Friendly

shoes as gift

Shoes as a gift are pocket friendly as they are available in a vast price range. You can buy a decent pair within Rs.1000 and stretch the upper limit to any level based on your budget.

5. Almost Infinite Choices

shoes as gift

No other gift idea apart from clothes can give so many choices but the shoes. There are many types of shoes for men like sneakers, boots, loafers, etc. and they have an almost infinite design, color, and pattern options.

6. Easy Availability

Shoes are one of the most selling items online and you can find shoes from brands like Metro Shoes, Nike, Adidas, Liberty, etc. directly on their online stores.

Apart from the brand stores, you can get shoes from eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, etc.

We hope now that we have given you some good reasons, you will not hesitate to give a pair of amazing shoes as a gift. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.

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