Shoes For Men: A Classification

There are many types of shoes for men today and people hardly know what kind of shoe they want. More often than not you end up buying only those shoes which the shoe store has on its shelves. You are hardly presented with choices that should be there ideally. There can be times where you know what you want but don’t know what a particular shoe is called and hence you depend upon the bleak chances of finding it randomly.

As a modern man of fashion, you should know what all types of shoes are there. We don’t mean to make an expert out of you but a little knowledge can help you a great deal. You will be able to choose better and look stylish. Almost all types of shoes originated from a few basic types. Therefore, construction and production methods have hardly changed. We will now explain to you the classification of various types of shoes.

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Types of Shoes For Men

Table of Classification of Types of Men's Shoes

Closure Types

All men’s shoes can be classified basically into three types based on their closure type.

Lace-Up: These are the shoes with laces that are threaded through the eyelets and used to fasten the shoes.

Buckled Shoes: Shoes that feature a buckle or buckles for closure instead of laces are Buckled Shoes. They have a buckle attached to the quarter that is used to lock the strap attached to the other side of the shoe.

Slip-Ons: Slipons are typically low, lace-less shoes. These are easy to put on and remove simply because of the absence of any kind of fasteners.

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These three categories can be further divided into various subcategories which are explained as under:

Lace-Up Shoes

Oxford & Derby

The two most popular lace-up shoes are Oxford and Derby. A gentleman can’t mistake in recognizing derbies or oxfords because they can be easily differentiated based on their lacing. As you can see below, one has open lacing and the other has closed lacing.

two most common types of men's shoes

Blucher Shoes

The first view of the Blucher would confuse you for a Derby. They might look similar but unlike Derby, Blucher doesn’t have an additional quarter. Instead, the slide flaps are attached with lacing.


Buckled Shoes

Single Monk Straps

Monk Straps are shoes that use a strap to hold both sides (quarters) together with a strap and buckle. This design makes Monk Strap, aka Monk Shoe an unconventional shoe.

single monk strap

Double Monk Straps

If a Monk Strap has two buckles then it is called a Double Monk Strap. The buckle comes in various shapes, like a square or round and numerous finishes and patterns like gold, silver or bronze.

Double monk strap


Boat Shoes

As the name suggests, boat shoes were invented for sailors after noticing the dog’s ability to run easily over ice without slipping. Gradually they became casual wear shoes.

boat shoes
  • Traditionally Boat Shoes are worn without socks.
  • Boat Shoes traditionally used to have white and non-marking soles.


Widely considered as casual shoes, Loafers are easy to put on because they don’t have lacing or any other kind of closure. Unlike Moccasins, loafers have a sole and a heel.

types of men’s shoes

There are a few different types of Loafers based on their shapes, decoration, and design. Click here to check our Ultimate Guide For Loafer Shoes For Men.

Types Of Loafers:

Penny Loafers
Kiltie Loafers
Tassels Loafers
Bit / Gucci Loafers
Belgian Loafers
Double Monk Loafers


When two pieces of leather are put together with a puckered seam, you get a Moccasin. The two pieces form a shaft and the upper part of the shoe. Moccasins, traditionally have been a shoe for leisure as it didn’t have sole.

types of men's shoes
  • Traditionally Moccasins are worn without socks.
  • To suite for regular wear, contemporary Moccasins are made with soles.
  • Moccasins and Loafers are not the same. Check out the difference here.

There you are. We have covered everything a man should know about his shoes. Now you know what type of shoes you have in your collection and what to look for when you go shopping for your shoes. Like a TRUE FASHIONABLE MAN

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