Best Shoes For Men Without Laces (Slip-on)2020

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Shoes For Men Without Laces: Importance

shoes without laces

In Indian culture, where we prefer to remove shoes outside the door, having shoes for men without laces becomes very handy. In fact, there are many places like showrooms, shops, doctor’s clinics, etc. where we often find a board outside the door asking to ‘Remove The Shoes’. Laced shoes when visiting such places feel like pain.

Also, we as a nation are very religious and most people like to visit the place of worship daily. There also, shoes without laces becomes very handy.

With the Covid-19 outbreak, not taking shoes inside helps in keeping the virus at bay. Secondly, in the monsoon season, removing shoes outside becomes all the more important to keep the dirt and mud out that comes along with your shoes.

Keeping all these in mind, we are presenting the best shoes for men without laces.

Slip On Shoes For Men

The more formal name for shoes without laces is ‘Slip-on’. As the name suggests, Slip-on are typically low, lace-less shoes. These are easy to put on and remove simply because of the absence of any kind of fasteners. However, apart from low shoes, there are boots like Chelsea and Long Boots that are slip-on style boots.

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Types Of Slip-on Shoes

Best Shoes For Men Without Laces 2020

The purpose of this list is to share with the various types of shoes for men without laces. Therefore, we will not stick to any one type of slip-on but will show varied types so that you can choose from them for different occasions.

Louis Stitch Hand Crafted Loafers

If you want a stunner and a head-turner, this handcrafted pure leather shoes is the one for you.

This amazing black loafer is designed to fit the shape of your foot and has a high-quality rubber sole that ensures long-lasting comfort with exceptional

The cushioned bed with soft leather insoles makes sure you stay comfortable all day.

Best Shoes For Men Without Laces 2020

Fentacia Men Chelsea Boots

Made with synthetic leather, these Chelsea Boots are perfect to pair with your favourite jeans.

The TPR sole and cushioned footbed provide extra comfort.

The textured brown material makes this boot perfect for casual outings.

Best Shoes For Men Without Laces 2020

Puma Procyon Slip-on

The classic plimsoll design, navy blue color, and a canvas material make this sneaker by Puma a versatile one.

It can go well with your chinos to complement your semi-casual look for the weekend office.

For students, this pair can be a staple as it will go very well with all the jeans in your wardrobe.

Puma Unisex's Procyon Slip-on

BATA Men’s Shoes For Men Without Laces

When you get an office slip-on from a brand like BATA, you know the pair is a workhorse of a shoe.

Available in black and brown colors, these comfortable shoes can be paired with your office formals and semi-casual attire.

Made with genuine leather, this lightweight slip-on has a TPR sole and can be a great companion for office goers and elderly people.

BATA Men's Formal Slip on

BATA Jogan Sneakers

This unique design sneaker from BATA is made with synthetic material.

The stylish looking sneaker has two elastic bands to keep snuggly fit.

With pocket-friendly pricing, this awesome pair comes in two colors. Black and White.

jogan sneakers

Symbol Men’s Sneakers

This amazing, simple yet comfortable sneakers are from Symbol, an Amazon brand.

Canvas sneakers have been around for a very long time and these are a perfect option for those who need an easy to remove and put on shoes.

Available in 11 different color options, you will be spoilt for choice.

The pocket-friendly price can make you buy more than one to match with different color outfits.

Best Shoes For Men Without Laces 2020

Castoes Chelsea Boots

The slip on men’s boots from Castoes is one of the best looking Chelsea boots around.

The round toe, attractive design makes it a perfect stylish option for both formal and casual wear.

Available in black and brown color options, these boots have a TPR sole and rugged built quality.

Best Shoes For Men Without Laces 2020

Hush Puppies Anderson Loafers

There are many fans of narrow toe shoes. These are between the pointed toe and a round toe.

This Loafer by Hush Puppies is perfect for office wear.

This sleek contemporary design makes you look stylish and leather built provides you comfort all along the day.

If you are looking for Shoes For Men Without Laces for daily office wears, this pair is the one you should go for.

hush puppies

Bacca Bucci Dazling Mule

Though presented as a Mule, this Bacca Bucci pair is more of a Loafer.

The Heel Cap and Counter are not as low as they are in a Mule hence a great slip-on option for formal and party occasions.

Made with artificial leather,  this pair looks natural and comfortable.

Best Shoes For Men Without Laces 2020

Red Chief Shoes For Men Without Laces

If you are looking for something that is both cool and comfortable for casual purposes then these sneakers from Red Chief is the one.

The nubuck leather upper and leather lining make these casual shoes for men durable and great looking.

Tread in style with strong smooth finish and rubber sole.

Also available in Rust, Coffee ad Light blue color.

red cheif sneakers

Sparx Mesh Slip-on

The low-cost slip-on by Sparx is made with canvas mesh fabric.

It is available in six different colors.

Pair them with jeans or chinos for casual occasions.

They are the perfect option for a relaxing holiday.


We hope you like the different types of shoes without laces which we have presented. Do let us know your favorite in comments section below. Also, do not forget to check out our other posts.

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