Patent Leather Shoes: Is It Your Thing?

What is Patent Leather?

When unfinished leather is processed with multiple layers of dyes, varnishes, oils, and resins, it achieves a hard, glossy surface. This processed leather with a hard mirror-like finish is called Patent Leather.

After becoming hugely popular out of fashion, patent leather regained its popularity in the early 2000s. Many products like handbags, patent leather shoes, bags, etc. are made using patent leather. Though females can easily carry colorful patent leather products because of their complimenting outfits, can a gentleman carry them with ease?

Patent Leather Shoes: Is It Your Thing?

These are a tricky thing. It can look great if paired with the right outfit. However, small out-of-line pairing can make it look too loud and cheap. With everything said, you need to know how to carry patent leather shoes confidently. Don’t wear them if you are not confident about them.

When To Wear Patent Leather Shoes?

Whenever you choose to slip into one of them, you should know what style of shoes you want. Look for a Derby or an Oxford if you are going for a Black Tie event. Alternatively, go for slip-on like loafers for a semi-formal look.

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As far as color is concerned, unlike women, footwears made of patent leather for men are generally black or brown, making it easier to pick. You should pair them with suites on special occasions and parties.

Don’t make it a shoes for office or regular wear.

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