Loafer Shoes For Men: An Ultimate Guide

Many people do not know what exactly are Loafer Shoes for men. They often mix up Loafers and Mocassins. Rather Mocassins and Boat Shoes are mistaken for Loafers. What exactly is a Loafer then? In this guide, you will understand what exactly are Loafers and what are the numerous types of it. However, to understand the difference between Loafers and Mocassins, Click Here.

What exactly are Loafer Shoes For Men?

A Loafer is a shoe without laces or any kind of closure.
Hence, it is essentially a Slip-On.
A loafer is a low shoe i.e. the ankle is exposed in a loafer.
It is easy to put on and remove as it doesn’t wrap around snugly.
Loafers have a separate sole and a defined heel, unlike a Moccasin.

Now that we have discussed the characteristics of a Loafer, let us look into various types of Loafer Shoes For Men. These various types can be distinguished mainly based on the ornamentations and shapes of the shoes.

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Different Styles of Loafer Shoes For Men

Penny Loafers

The penny loafer originated when a shoemaker John Bass created a type of loafer called a “Weejun” to sound like Norwegians to represent its roots. It consisted of a unique strip leather of the shoe with a diamond-shaped cut-out. It is said that the young men those days began tucking pennies in the front square cut-out in case of an emergency. Hence, Weejuns were nicknamed Penny Loafers.

Kiltie Loafers

Kiltie Loafers

Kiltie Loafers are characterized by a decorative fringed leather panel. However, there are many variations of kiltie loafers, based on attached embellishments like tassels, laces or buckles.

Tassel loafers : Loafer Shoes For Men

Tassel Loafers

Result of continuous experimentation in shoe design, Tassel Loafers has its roots in America. As the name suggests, Tassel Loafers were made using Tassels as an embellishment attached to the front of the shoes. The design was a success then and remains equally popular today.

Loafers we Love

Bit loafer

Bit Loafer aka Gucci Loafers

Yes, you are right! These shoes were designed by Italian designer Gucci. When the loafers were gaining popularity in America as a dress shoe which went well with suits, Europeans viewed them more like a casual shoe. To change this perception, Gucci introduced a loafer with a metal strap in the shape of a horse‚Äôs snaffle bit (hence called a ‘bit’ loafer) across the front. This changed the look of the loafers and the Bit Loafers were born.


Loafer Shoes For Men the belgian loafer

Belgian Loafers

Once very popular, the Belgian Loafers had a small bow on the shoe upper as a decoration that was easily recognized. As the name suggests, the Belgian Loafers has its roots in Belgium. Though still loved by many shoe lovers and fashion enthusiasts, Belgian Loafers gradually went out of favor and can not be found easily.

Loafer Shoes For Men

Double Monk Loafers

Double Monk Loafers are the loafers adorned by dual, buckled straps across the shoe upper. This embellishment gives the loafers very unique and formal look so that you can wear it like a dress shoe as well as on casual occasions.

Our Favourite Loafer Shoes For Men

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