How To Protect Your Shoes In Rainy Season?

With the easing of lockdown, life in most of the cities will pick up the pace. Offices and markets will reopen. With this, and monsoons just around the corner, you will be required to prepare yourself for rains when you move out of your homes. In this post, we will be talking about how you should protect your shoes in rainy season.

Wet or damp shoes not only get damaged before time but also becomes home for bacteria, as a result, they tend to smell. Apart from knowing how to protect your shoes, you should also know How to prevent and get rid of shoe smell.

You can for sure buy waterproof shoes but in case you don’t wish to buy new shoes, we will tell you how to protect your shoes.

1. Use Shoe Protectors

The best and most economical option is using shoe protectors or shoe covers. These are slip-on covers made with silicon and you can easily protect your shoes from water. However, make sure you buy good quality covers so that they have a good grip and don’t let you slip.

shoe covers for your shoes in rainy season

2. Use Shoe Protector Spray

There can be instances when you don’t want to carry shoe covers. Or for times when you forget them, why not remain prepared for such days. Use shoe protector spray that not only makes your shoe water repellent but protect them from spills and stains.

protector spray

3. Waterproof Your Shoes in Rainy Season Using Wax

The simplest and cheapest way to prepare your shoes in rainy season is to waterproof your them using plain wax. Make sure you don’t use the dyes wax because it will spoil your shoes. Take plain wax and rub it all over your shoes. Use a hair dryer and blow it on the shoes so that the wax melts a bit and settles.

Once the wax settles down, it will make your shoe water repellent. Make sure that you cover your shoe with wax completely.

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