How To Maintain Your Shoes?

Maintain Your Shoes: The Importance?

We love shoes and we always advise to treat shoes as investments. No matter what type of shoes you own, you need to maintain your shoes properly so that they always remain in pristine condition as well as their lifespan is extended.  Any type of material, whether it is pure leather or a synthetic one; canvas or rubber needs care. We are sure that as a shoes loving gentleman you wouldn’t want them to be replaced very soon.  

There are times when someone steps on your shoes or you spill a drink or you simply walk into a puddle.  There can be so many things which can spoil your shoes.  But if you know how to take care of your shoes you will be better prepared for all such unfortunate situations.

In this post will not only tell how you can maintain your shoes but also share some tips. We will also help you in making a complete shoe care kit.

What You Should Know?

Shoe care doesn’t mean that a random polish or a weekend cleaning. There is a lot more to it and to make it simple, we will segregate the process into three parts.


1. Protection

Many of us feel that a shoe needs to be cared for once it gets dirty. However, the care starts much before that. Any pair of the shoe needs to be prevented from stains and dirt. If you protect your shoes from the very start you will not have to spend much time cleaning them. Use a Shoe Protector Spray before you put them on for the first time and after each time you clean them. 

Shoes Protector Spray coats your shoes and prevents stains from setting on the material. They also provide protection from moisture and harsh UV rays, keeping your shoes from premature fading.

You simply need to give your shoes a liberal spray (10 – 15 sprays per shoe depending on the size). Allow it to dry and reply if needed. The additional layer will give you extra protection. That’s it, now you can step knowing that your shoes can handle whatever the outside world has to throw at them.

Don’t consider your every pair as an SUV and tread anywhere. Understand there is a shoe made of every purpose and you need to have the right shoes. You can’t just wear your loafers and go for a jog. Wearing wrong shoes will not only damage your shoes but also will hamper your feet.  Hence, using shoes according to the occasions and purpose is in a way protection for your shoes.


Using a shoe horn to wear the shoes will help your foot glide easily into your shoe keeping it from getting hurt as well as your shoes from getting damaged.

shoe horn

2. Rejuvenate

While protection is necessary for your footwear, it doesn’t guarantee that they will remain spotless. To keep your footwear in good condition, you need to regularly clean them.  There are different ways and materials to use for cleaning various types of shoes.

How To Clean

Remove laces and clean any dirt or debris from your shoes using a brush or soft cloth. If needed, use a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains. If a cloth is not enough then you can use shoe cleaning wipes that can do the job for you. Let your shoes dry.  

If it is a smooth leather shoe, we advise using Saddle Soap after dusting. Saddle soap is a product used to prevent your leather products from molding, drying out, cracking or otherwise deteriorating.

maintain your shoes

How To Use Saddle Soap?

Dampen the shoes with a slightly wet cloth.
Pick some Saddle Soap with the cloth and apply to the shoes.
Rub the shoes with the rag and wipe-off the excess soap.

If you are cleaning your sneakers, or shoes that are washable then you can use a suitable brush or a toothbrush to clean them. Don’t be tempted to throw them into the washing machine. You will end up spoiling the pair. A brush and a cleaning product like shoe shampoo, or a mild soap will be good enough.

Using warm water will speed up the process.
Use an eraser to rub off any remaining scuffs and stains.
Use a mixture of baking soda and rubbing alcohol or whitening toothpaste to clean the rubber soles.


Don’t wear the same shoes continuously. Wearing the same pair every day will keep adding sweat & moisture to your shoes. If you alternate between shoes, your shoes will get a chance to breathe and air out. This way you will prevent your shoes from smelling as well as extend their lifespan.

maintain your shoes

How to Polish

If you want to maintain your shoes, you need to polish them so regularly that they look glittery new. Most of the sneakers would not need polish but in case if you have white canvas sneakers, they would need to be polished. Fortunately white polish or scuff cover for white sneakers is readily available in the market. You just need to use the applicator which comes along to put the coat on your sneakers and let them dry. You are good to go.

Polishing a leather shoe needs a little more. But we have made it simpler for you.

Use only the best polish to shine your boots every day.

Condition your boots once a month.

Deep clean your boots with the best saddle soap once or twice every three months.

How to polish your shoes

3. Storage

People always undervalue the importance of storing shoes properly. Storing shoes inappropriately reduces their life span. Therefore, make sure you take care of the following when you store your shoes:

Use Shoe trees to prevent them from going out of shape.
Alternatively, you can stuff crumpled news papers into your shoes.
Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight and in dry place.
Make sure your shoes are completely dry off any moisture before you store.
Use original box or breathable bags to store them.
Pop up some silica gel sachets to keep the moisture away.

We hope now you will be able to maintain your shoes better and extend their lifespan.


New laces can completely change the way your shoes look. Replace old laces when you see signs of depletion.

maintain your shoes

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