Difference Between Moccasins And Loafers

Moccasins and Loafers are confusing! ain’t they? Many men are muddled between Moccasins and Loafers. In fact, most people do not even know that these are two different types of shoes.

We don’t blame such people because real traditional Moccasins hardly appear on shelves these days. Also, with so many variations and designs of shoes being produced the distinctive original features for which shoes were named so get mixed up and various cross traits designs are made. However, as we keep saying, as a true gentleman you must know your SHOES well.

So, to sort out this higgledy-piggledy about Moccasins and Loafers we will list down fundamental differences between the two. They are based on traditional designs and can serve you as guidelines to understand the dissimilarities.

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difference between moccasins and loafers

Moccasins are made with soft leather, traditionally with Deer Skin.
Made with leather which is not worked.
Sides and soles of Moccasins are traditionally made with one piece of leather and stitched together at the top.
Moccasins may or may not have laces.
Moccasins are heel less
Typically, the soles of Moccasins are soft and flexible.


difference between moccasins and loafers

Loafers are made with various types of leathers.
Generally made with refined and worked leather.
Loafers are made with several piece of leather.
Loafers are lace less, slip on shoes only.
Loafers may or may not have heels.
Loafers doesn’t have very soft sole.

These are some basic differences but as mentioned earlier, there are so many cross traits designs available these days that many brands themselves do not differentiate between Moccasins and Loafers. We can easily assume them to be cousins.

With all these said, loafers are available in so many variants based on tiny design differences and decorations used.

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