Brogue Shoe: A Definitive Guide

What is a Brogue Shoe:

Any shoe that features a decorative element known as Broguing is called a Brogue Shoe. The immediate question which pops up in your mind is what is Broguing? Broguing is a technique where decorative elements are added to the shoes to enhance their appearance. It is done by employing heavy perforations and pinking (also called Gimping).

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So essentially, any style shoe with, whether an Oxford, Derby or a Whole Cut is a brogue if it has distinctive design elements as described above.

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Types Of Brogues

Quarter Brogue

Quarter brogues are characterized by broguing along the cap’s edge, but nothing on the toe cap. It’s the most minimal of brogue styles. Usually found in Oxford Style shoes, but there is no compulsion.

Semi Brogue

The semi- brogue, or half-brogue, is characterized by broguing patterns on the toe cap and its edges. It is just like a quarter brogue but with additional ornamentation on the toe of the shoe.

Full Brogue (Wingtip)

Full brogues are the most iconic of the styles. A distinct wing-shaped curved extension runs along both sides of the shoe. Hence, also called Wingtip. This type of brogues has more patterns than a semi-brogue extending to a midsection of the shoes. Because of the heavy broguing, full brogues are the most casual of all types of brogues.

How to wear Brogue Shoe

Choose the Brogues that suits your style, outfit, and the occasion.
Full brogues will go with casual outfits.
Semi and Quarter Brogues will suit better for semi-formal and formal attire.
Choose a classic brown brogue for light-colored chinos.
If you are opting for a suite or a tailored trouser then a classic brogue would be a perfect choice.
Wear a wingtip pairing with blue jeans and a Tshirt for a smart casual look.

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