Best Trekking Shoes In India

Trekking for adventure lovers can be a bliss. Nothing can beat the excitement and satisfaction that you achieve once you reach the destination. Moreover, if you are trekking to a destination that offers a breathtaking view or something mesmerizing like a waterfall or a valley, it feels like a reward. That reward is indeed a well-deserved one. However, the fun trek can easily turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the right pair of footwear. Long trek or a short hike, a right pair is an essential commodity. Whether you are a trekking novice or a regular who wants to buy a new pair, our picks of Best Trekking Shoes in India will help you to choose.

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Trekking Shoes Vs Running Shoes

For someone who wants to start trekking, it is necessary to know the difference between trekking shoes and running shoes because turning up for a trek with your running shoes might injure your feet.

Running / Jogging and Trekking are different activities all together. Both activities have a different effect on your feet. Both activities need different effort and functionality. Since both activities differ from each other and have a varied impact on your feet, you need a different kind of protection for each activity. Hence, the shoes used for running can not be used for trekking and vice versa.

So, let us understand the basic difference between trekking and running shoes.

ParametersTrekking ShoesRunning Shoes
DesignDesigned for difficult terrains. Hence, they provide more protection. Trekking shoes are slightly above your ankle and covering the ankle.Not designed for rough terrains. Running shoes are designed to push you forward and provide better cushion and bounce.
MovementRestricts the movement of your feet to protect from sprains and injuries.Facilitates better movement of feet to assist in running.
SolesSoles in trekking shoes are anti-skid and should have deep grooves. Trekkers tread through mud, dirt, puddles etc. that needs rugged soles.Running shoes will have comparatively flexible soles with moderate grooving as runners tread mostly on plain terrains.
MaterialTrekking shoes mostly are water resistant as it is essential for the activity.May or may not be water resistant.
LacesTrekking shoes has longer laces so as to fasten the shoes tightly to your feet.Relatively medium sized laces.
WeightSlightly heavy so as to provide balance on tricky terrains.Running shoes are lighter as the activity demands it.

Trekking Shoes Buying Guide

Whether you are buying trekking shoes online or from physical stores, you should keep a few things in mind.


As far as trekking is concerned, shoe soles are one of the most important things. You should check for the flexibility of the sole as well as the grooves on the sole. Since you are going to tread on various kinds of terrains, the flexible sole will provide the required comfort. The grooves on the sole should be deep so that you don’t skid while you walk through mud and dirt. The grooves provide you the required grip and help easy movement on tricky surfaces.

trekking shoes


Never go for a size that you generally wear. In case of a trekking shoe, go for a fit that is slightly loose. It will offer your feet a breathing space and give you the much-needed comfort during long treks. Also, consider a fit that could accommodate woolen socks that you might need during winter treks.


All trekking shoes come with padding for support but you should check for it according to your needs. Also, ankle support is a must as you will be climbing up and down, crossing, and jumping across the barriers and puddles. The ankle support safeguards you against twists and sprains.

trekking shoes

Water Resistance

Having wet shoes can lead to so many problems. Wet shoes tend to smell and get very irritating. It could also lead to shoe bites and itching. So, unless you wish to go trekking only in summers, you must go for a pair that provides protection from water.

Trekking Shoes FAQ

Are sneakers good for trekking?

The general answer would be a ‘No’. However, with so many hybrids these days, we can’t say No to sneakers for trekking. Having said that, you will have to go for proper trekking shoes if you are going on rough terrain.

How do I know what size trekking shoe to get?

As discussed before, you should choose a size that is a little more comfortable. Try a few sizes before deciding. Also, try them with a type of socks which you plan to wear.

Can we use trekking shoes for running?

Running and Trekking are different activities all together. Both activities need different effort and functionality. Hence, you should not use trekking shoes for running.

How do I keep my feet from sliding forward in trekking shoes?

This mainly happens due to lose lacing. Make sure you fasten your shoes properly. Secondly, it might happen due to flat or slippery insoles. Replacing the insole would help. Also, check if your socks is made with a slippery fabric. If so, change it.

Which is the best trekking shoes in India?

Check below our list of best trekking shoes in India.

Best Trekking Shoes In India

Best Trekking Shoes Under 3000

Red Cheif Trekking Shoes

This trekking shoes by Red Cheif is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend much. It has a rubber sole that makes it slip-resistant.


Quechua NH100

One of the best sporting brands, Quechua brings you one of the best trekking shoes under 3000 for beginners.

It has a thermoplastic sole with 3.5 mm studs.

Warranty: 2 Years

trekking shoes

Allen Cooper Shoes

These shoes come with features and quality standards like never before. Manufactured with 100% genuine leather.

These Breathable & skin-friendly shoes are water-resistant.

allen cooper


Add-gear Trekking Shoes

The shoes with high-quality midsole, wear-resistant, pressure-proof.

Self-cleaning cleated outsole spits out debris as you walk.

Budget shoe ideal for Monsoon Trekking.

Rubber Gum sole

best trekking shoes in india

Premium Trekking Shoes In India

Salomon L40662000Leather & Meshbest trekking shoes in indiaYesBUY NOW ON AMAZON
Columbia Trekking ShoesLeatherpremium trekking shoesYesBUY NOW ON AMAZON

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