6 Useful Tips For Buying Shoes

Buying Shoes is not as easy as it may look. You can’t just simply walk into the store, choose, pay and come out. If you want to buy shoes that will last as well as impress then you need to spend some time in the buying process. If you want to have shoes that will give you your money’s worth then you need to know a few things which will help you in buying right and good shoes.

We will share with you some very useful tips for buying shoes which will not only help you in getting the right shoes but also make you feel satisfied with your decision. We will also tell you a few things which should be completely avoided when you go shopping for your footwear.

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Tips For Buying Shoes

1. Know What You Want

Before you go out buying shoes you must decide what you are looking for. If you go undecided you will get confused and end up buying something which you did not really want. Decide beforehand why and what kind of a shoe do you want. What color you are looking for. Be clear what occasion you want to buy new shoes for. If it is for regular wear or party purposes. If it is a Classic dress shoe or a loafer. Whether you want a derby or an oxford. If you don’t know what a particular shoe is called then check out our detailed post about Types of Men’s Shoes: A Classification.

2. Build Quality

Once you decide what kind of shoe you want, you should look for a few things. One of them is ‘build quality’. Quality shoes are built to last and they develop character with time. To ascertain the quality, check that the sole and upper are stitched together and not glued because the glued sole will come off in some time. The next thing you should check is the Stitching. Ensure that the stitching is properly done and it isn’t coming off. Stay away from shoes with bulges or hardened areas.

Buying Shoes check for soles and stitching

3. Materials Used

Ensure that the quality of materials used is not cheap. If you are looking for leather shoes then go for high-quality leather as low-quality leather will start cracking over time. Make sure the store manager doesn’t fool you with synthetic materials for pure leather shoes. Also, go for shoes made with non-recycled leather as they maintain the form. 

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4. Brand

Though we need not tell you, make sure that you are buying shoes from a reputed brand. Go for brands which are specialized in shoemaking rather than opting for brands that are just marketing the shoes. Even if you go for such brands, then make sure they have a good history and a nice line up of products. Avoid brands that don’t have variety. 

5. Soles

Sole is one of the most important parts of the shoes. You should choose the proper sole based on your usage. Probe if the insoles are soft so that they provide you the necessary comfort. Next, test the sole’s ability to bend. Bend the heel and toe towards each other. If it takes a ‘V’ form then the sole has good flexibility.

Buying Shoes

6. Fitting

Last but not least. In fact, the most important tip for buying shoes is to assess it’s fitting. Most people buy shoes which don’t fit properly. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If a pair fits you straight away then go for it. Don’t listen to the shopkeeper’s classic line that it will loosen with time. He will praise it to be looking good on you because he wants to sell the shoes. Feet are almost never the same so wear both shoes and walk to check the fitting, insoles softness, overall balance. 


Do check for quality.
Do spend enough time to make a decision.
Do try as many shoes as you want.
Do remember, it’s your decision ALWAYS.
Do treat shoes as a fashion investment.


Don’t settle for something you don’t want.
Don’t fall prey to the seller’s classic lines and gimmicks.
Don’t buy high heel shoes.
Don’t buy shoes without a thorough investigation.
Don’t buy cheap shoes even if you like them or they are on sale.

We hope the above tips will help you when you go for buying shoes next time. Our aim is to help people finding the best shoes and that is why we keep bringing the best stuff for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates. Connect with us now: