5 Shoes That Every Man Should Have

Shoes are awesome and people notice them. A good pair of shoes can completely elevate your average outfit to excellent. Inversely, wrong shoes can spoil an amazing outfit and turn style opportunity into a style liability. Therefore, every fashionable man should have a great shoe collection and today we are going to share our picks of five shoes that every man should have.

Every man can have a different collection of shoes based on his age, lifestyle and personal preference. Our picks are based on standard assumptions and almost every man can make his collection similar.

We have tried to include as many types and variants of shoes as possible. From a whole cut to a brogue, oxfords to derbies, to stylish monk straps. If you don’t understand the said terms, you would want to check our detailed classification of men’s shoes.

Without further ado let us have a look at 5 Shoes That Every Man Should Have

1. Black Dress Shoe

All collections must be built around a Black Dress Shoe. It is a staple because you need them for office and all formal occasions. We suggest you go for a Classic Black Oxford Shoe or an Oxford Whole-Cut shoe. Both of them are super formal and your go-to shoes.

A whole-cut is a modern classic. It is made with a large piece of unblemished leather that gives it a simple elegance look. If you wish you can also go for a Cap Toe or Quarter Brogues based on your liking.

black wholecut oxford

2. Brown Derby Brogues

The second Shoe that every man should have is Brown Derby Brogues. Brown includes everything from a dark brown to tan. You shouldn’t be a guy who buys the same shoes in two different colors. Therefore, go for a Derby. Brown shoes go very well with Blue and Grey shades. Broguing gives a variety and style to it. You can choose from a Wing-tip, Semi-brogue to a more formal Quarter-brogue based on your preferences. You can choose them for a semi-casual or casual look. Check out our detailed post about brogue shoes and our picks for premium brogues.

Shoes That Every Man Should Have

3. Chukka Boots

Boots are awesome and there would hardly be a man who doesn’t love boots. They are versatile, they are sexy and they can change a man’s personality. There are many types of boots. You can understand from our Ultimate Guide For Boots For Men. We advise you to go for a Chukka Boot. They offer you great flexibility in terms of pairing options as you can wear them with formal attire as well as jeans. If you want more casual option then you can go for a Suede Chukka Boot. You can find them in various colors and toes.

chukka boots

4. Loafers Or A Mocassins

People get confused between a Loafer and a Mocassins. Though they might look similar, they are different. You can check the Difference Between Moccasins And Loafers. If you choose to go with a Loafer, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of designs and types of loafers. Loafers are classified mainly based on the ornamentation used. You can find details about various types of loafers in our Ultimate Guide of Loafer Shoes For Men. We would advise you to go for a classic Bit aka Gucci Loafer.

Shoes That Every Man Should Have

5. Monk Straps

Just for the love of it, we suggest you have a monk Strap, either a single monk or a double monk as the fifth shoes of your collection. They have buckles instead of laces as a closure and go well with any outfit. Lots of options like Monk loafers, Monk Boots, etc. can be found in many colors. You can wear them on casual occasions and they could be paired superbly with chinos and jeans.

shoes a man should have

So what do you think? Would you like to have these shoes in your collection? Let us know in the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post.

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